Restoring God's Foundation - Startup kit

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What's included:

  • 1ea Facilitator Guide (includes training and leadership through lessons)
  • 5ea Participant Handbooks
  • Lifetime access to Road to Purity site with continually developed lessons, support and additional materials. 

About the program

Satan has bombarded us with a distortion and perversion of sexuality. He has taken God’s beautiful gift of authentic sexuality, the gift to take part in the Holy Trinity by engaging in a divine union with our spouses and co-creating life with God. Satan has taken this ultimate gift of self and perverted it into a selfish act that attacks human dignity, damages us biologically and turned it into a distorted behavior. A behavior that instead of getting us closer to God, actually destroys our souls.


Restoring God’s Foundationis a Catholic based men’s integrity program that serves to restore God’s foundation of authentic sexuality by guiding men to freedom from sexual sin. This weekly program accomplishes this by educating men on God’s plan of authentic sexuality, developing fraternal brotherhood, engaging in the Sacraments of the Catholic Church and then seeking to heal souls from the emotional damage resulting from life events that fuel the addictive process and create a skewed view of sexuality. The program is designed around the small group format and may be run by laity or professional leaders.


Restoring God’s Foundationmaterials come complete with facilitator training manual and guide with step by step instructions, a participant handbook, and weekly lessons on establishing a foundation for recovery, education on authentic sexuality and personal healing. Program registrants have free lifetime access to materials being continually developed, online video and lesson materials, and direct access to development staff for questions and assistance.