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Restoring God's Foundation - Online

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Restoring God's Foundation Independent Study Workshop - ONLINE

Men's sexual integrity program.

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Satan has bombarded us with a distortion and perversion of sexuality. He has taken God’s beautiful gift of authentic sexuality, the gift to take part in the Holy Trinity by engaging in a divine union with our spouses and co-creating life with God. Satan has taken this ultimate gift of self and perverted it into a selfish act that attacks human dignity, damages us biologically and turned it into a distorted behavior. A behavior that instead of getting us closer to God, actually destroys our souls. Restoring God’s Foundation is a Catholic based men’s integrity program that serves to restore God’s foundation of authentic sexuality by guiding men to freedom from sexual sin. This weekly program accomplishes this by educating men on God’s plan of authentic sexuality, developing fraternal brotherhood, engaging in the Sacraments of the Catholic Church and then seeking to heal souls from the emotional damage resulting from life events that fuel the addictive process and create a skewed view of sexuality.

This Independent study workshop in completely online and includes a full homework module along with all All worksheets, Daily Inventory trackers, Journals, meditation scriptures, and lesson exercises


Phase 1: Getting Stable

Week 1: Program Introduction 

Week 2: Where do I start?

Week 3: Why am I doing this? 

Week 4: Setting Boundaries

Week 5: Accountability and Sponsors Week 

Week 6: Cycle of Addiction

Week 7: Exit Strategies

Week 8: Self-Awareness, a journey towards healing Week 

Week 9: Sacraments are the cornerstone of Grace 

Week 10: Our Blessed Mother in our Battle for purity

Week 11:Cost/Benefit Exercise - Understanding the big picture of my behavior

Phase 2: Education

Week 12: God’s Plan for Sexuality 

Week 13: What is Intimacy

Week 14: Biology and Chemistry of sex 

Week 15: How porn damages us

Week 16: Know your enemy

Phase 3: Healing

Week 17 Cleansing of Sin and Fellowship With God

Week 18: River Under the River

Week 19: The Shame that Binds me

Week 20: Triggers and Early Warning Signs

Week 21: 3-I’s (Part 1)– What is it?

Week 22: 3-I’s (Part 2)– How it Works

Week 23: Using the 3-I’s - Practice Going Deeper

Week 24: True Intimacy and Re-writing Your Neural Pathways

Week 25: Identity Part 1: Discovering the False Self

Week 26: Identity Part 2: Dismantling the False Self

Week 27: Sources of Wounds (mother/father/historical)

Week 28: Affirmation and Denial

Week 29: Forgiveness

Week 30: Resolution of Woundedness / Transforming Pain

Week 31: Transformation in Christ Meditation Audio Exercise

Week 32: The Fine Line Between Love and Lust

Week 33: What Does It Mean to Be a Real Man?

Week 34: Being Accountable / Making Amends / Reconciliation

Week 35: When Will I Be Normal? Where Do We Go From Here?

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