God's Plan for Healthy Sexuality (b)  130pgs - author Dann Aungst
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God's Plan for Healthy Sexuality (b) 130pgs - author Dann Aungst

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Discovering authentic sexual integrity

Pornography destroys love. Plain and simple. God has a plan for healthy and fulfilling sexuality, and the God’s Plan for Healthy Sexuality workshop will help you discover it. In this workshop we address: - What is God’s plan for our sexuality? - Why don’t most of us follow this plan? - What does purity really mean? - How do we become men and women of integrity? - How are we called to reflect the Holy Trinity? This workshop will lead you to understand and enjoy authentic intimacy, revived relationships and experience freedom from the chains that once held you in bondage. Narrated by Dann Aungst, the founder of Road to Purity and a former sex addict, the online videos provide a personal guide through God’s plan, the war we all face in following His plan and the practical steps in winning the war for authentic purity. Also included are multiple practical exercises, meditations and thought-provoking questions for journaling or group discussion. Everyone deserves to receive the abundant life that Christ promises. Learn for yourself how "blessed are the pure in heart…” (Matthew 5:8).

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