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40 Days to Freedom - Online

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First things first, freedom is possible. If you feel trapped in a cycle of porn or sex addiction, you are not alone, nor do you need to keep living a reality that brings you pain and false intimacy. This practical, Christian-centered guide can help you climb out of your despair and begin a life-changing journey of recovery. It sets the stage for change by exploring the root of the problem, uncovering the brain science of addiction, and helping you identify the triggers that lead you to act out sexually (it never just “happens”). Building on this solid foundation, author Dann Aungst then presents a proven 40-day plan for tackling the behavior from multiple angles and for continuing to grow, heal from the emotional wounds of your past, and successfully face any challenges and temptations that arise in the future. 40 Days to Freedom: Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity can help you rebuild your relationships—with God, with yourself, and with others—as well as restore personal peace, heal your soul, and regain a purposeful life.

This product includes the entire 40 Days to Freedom book AND the entire 40 Days workbook in an interactive database. 

Purchase of this electronic product will deliver a pdf file with the access link and registration codes and instructions. 

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